How secure is your vehicle with digital key technology?

Published in Help Net Security by Amber Pollick (CCC Ecosystem Working Group Chair) on June 15, 2023.

Digital key technology allows mobile devices to streamline approval for everyday access points, making it a fitting solution for the automotive industry.

While there are a few different approaches to implementing digital keys for automotive use, a secure digital key standard should utilize near field communications (NFC) and ultra-wideband (UWB) in combination with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to access a vehicle, start the engine, immobilize the vehicle, or authorize a variety of other operations.

A vehicle owner also can use their mobile device and share digital keys to friends or family with the option to place restrictions on shared keys.

A vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases a person will make in their lifetime, so while the benefits of digital key from a convenience and user experience standpoint are great, so may be the risk. To ensure consumer acceptance and support long-term adoption, we must first ensure digital key technology is secure and can effectively protect against the threat of attack.

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