BMW Owners Can Now Unlock Their Cars and Start Their Engines With an Android Smartphone

Published in Autoevolution on April 24, 2023.

Most automakers focus on enhancing customers’ digital experience in their vehicles. For instance, some manufacturers, such as BMW, allow drivers to unlock their cars using only their phones via the BMW Digital Key Plus. The company announced the Digital Key Plus is now available on compatible Android devices.

The Digital Key was released three years ago, and the Digital Key Plus one year later. The former uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile standard, while the latter works via UWB (ultra-wideband). Suppose you’re a BMW owner and have the company’s app installed. In that case, the vehicle will react automatically, just like it would with a classic vehicle key, and unlock the doors. Moreover, you can use it to start the engine without even taking the phone out of your pocket.

BMW Group collaborated with Google to develop this solution, establishing it as a global standard for the automotive industry through the CCC (Car Connectivity Consortium), the global driving force behind vehicle accessibility for all smart mobile devices.

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