CCC Digital Key


Changing The World One Digital Key At A Time

The CCC Digital Key is a standardized ecosystem that enables mobile devices on any operating system to securely store, authenticate and share Digital Keys for smart vehicles. All CCC Members are invited to play an active role in building this unique technology together, to create our vision of global standardization for Digital Key, no matter the vehicle, no matter the device.

The CCC Digital Key allows companies the brand ownership they crave and the security, privacy, and interoperability users need.

What Can Users Do With the CCC Digital Key?

  • Share Access to Your Entire Vehicle to Anyone Across The Globe
  • Determine Length of Time For Vehicle Access
  • Control Which Vehicle Features Someone Can Use
  • Share Entry Only to Passenger Door or Trunk
  • Use All Functionalities Remotely, Even On A Low Battery
  • Enjoy Consistent User Experience Over Time & Backward Compatibility

What Does That Orange Key Mean?

You’ve probably seen our orange key logo on your favorite technology or car company website. But what does it mean? Anyone displaying the CCC Digital Key mark means they have gone through our rigorous certification process at one of our authorized test labs. All Members can display the CCC Digital Key Mark on products, manuals, marketing materials, websites, and more as long as it fits within the guidelines.

CCC Insights

CCC is the organization driving global technologies for device-centric car connectivity solutions. Each specification and whitepaper is developed by our community – the world’s largest vehicle companies and device manufacturers.

White Paper

CCC Digital Key: The Future Of Vehicle Access


Specifications Download

While much of our member-developed material is available only to members, the CCC Digital Key specification is available for free for review and educational purposes. Download your copy today.

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Dive into the technical details and use cases behind CCC Digital Key and more.

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Membership & Digital Key Certifications

The CCC Digital Key Certification is available only to CCC Members and ensures all users have a smooth and consistent experience that can be trusted. Members also enjoy complimentary certifications:

Adopter Members

1 Free Certification Annually, $7K For Each Additional Certification

Core or charter members

UNLIMITED Free Certifications

Authorized Test Labs (ATLs)

Only test labs that successfully complete all requirements are authorized to provide a CCC Digital Key Certification. This program ensures proven interoperability among WiFi devices and smart vehicles. Our ATLs are geographically dispersed and conveniently located where products are being developed and available to our members. CCC Digital Key Authorized Test Laboratories will be announced soon.